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Following on from the GDMBR USA section, the plan is to ride the GDMBR (Great Divide Mountain Bike Route) Canadian section from Roosville to Banff. It's a route which has been mapped out by the ACA (Adventure cycling association). Unfortunately the route has been damaged by flooding this year, so I'm not sure if how much of it I'll be able to ride. I've heard that the it's OK as far as Elkwood from cyclists who have ridden it since the flooding

July (25th to 31st)

August (1st to 10th)

August (11th to 20th)

August (21st to 31st)

September (1st to 5th)

The route

The Red section is the GDMBR, the green sections are alternate routes I may use, the purple section is a side route to the Fernie bike park and the blue section is my road route from Jasper to Vancouver. The marker indicates my location when this page was last updated.

Download route (This is a kmz file which can be opened by Google Earth)

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