Slleping platform for 88" Land-Rover

This platform is designed to sleep 2 people in an 88" Series Land-Rover. The platform is designed to be quickily fitted and removed so that the Land-Rover can be used both as a rudimentary camper and as a utility vehicle. I'm 6'2" tall and can sleep comfortably on it.

The front framework hooks onto the top of the windscreen frame and the bulkhead behind the seats. and the rear section is secured to the spare wheel mounting bracket on the central bulkhead and to two special brackets bolted to the seatboxes. R clips are used to secure the rear framework to the vehicle. The rear framework is in 2 pieces for ease of storage and fitting - the 2 pieces being secured together by another R clip.

The offside mounting bracket on the wheelbox for the rear section of the framework.

The spare wheel mounting bracked on the bulkhead behind the seats is used as an attachment point for the front of the framework for the rear tub.

Locating blocks screwed to the two rear plywood sections. This is a photo of the back ends of the two rear platform sections. There are similar locating blocks above the front ends.